I’m on top of the world ‘ay – Imagine Dragons

Hills.  Grrr.  Before I moved, I had to face one hill on my favorite outdoor run.  I ran from my house down it to start and up it to finish.  The rest of my run?  Pure, flat trail.  Now?  Hill after hill after hill.

According to Shape magazine (http://www.shape.com/fitness/cardio/hill-running-5-reasons-love-incline), there are at least five benefits to hill running:

  1. You’ll burn more calories.
  2. They help prevent shin splints.
  1. You’ll increase your endurance.
  2. You’ll increase your speed.
  3. Downhill does it, too. Downhill running engages your lower abs and works your quads.

Yet, despite these benefits, I never want to throw in the towel more when running uphill.  Ironically, during the toughest of hills, the song “On Top of the World” by Imagine Dragons often begins playing on my play list.  It’s my hill jam.  Give it a listen.  You’ll know what I mean.

8 thoughts on “I’m on top of the world ‘ay – Imagine Dragons

  1. I can totally see that! I love how you set up this slice with the sage knowledge from Shape magazine. I do not love running and imagine I would love it even less going uphill. I admire the runners of the world.

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  2. Love that song. Your determination comes through in the post, even though it’s obvious running uphill is not easy for you (or anyone.) I’m reminded of a time last summer when I had my 2 girls in the bike trailer with me and we had to go uphill and I swore I couldn’t make it. I did. But it was not fun.


  3. I find it interesting to think about which songs pop into our heads at different moments. We rarely deliberately decide which song to think about. It comes to us via our subconscious. I’ll be listening to that song later!


  4. I have never read or commented on a blog (in fact I had a little trouble figuring out how to add a comment here). I don’t use Facebook, Twitter, Instragram or any of those things.
    It is my absolute love of running that compelled me to read and respond. I am a runner. I love to run. I am not a bumper sticker person but keep thinking I would like a bumper sticker that says ‘I’d rather be running’. I have learned to enjoy hills. Either sprint or steady run. Whatever my body tells me is right and yes ‘I’m on top of the world’ is on my running playlist….another great, steady up hill jam for those of you in need….Yellow – Coldplay.

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