We live for the memories. – misquoted

When I was in college (and until moments ago when I double checked the lyrics), I thought the last line of the Sarah McLachlan song “I Will Remember You” was “We live for the memories” (instead of weep not for the memories).  For the most part, when I think about the good times, I smile and sometimes cringe.  I confess, there are times when they involve those I’ve lost, tears come and they end with good feelings.

Running and exercise in college is not a distinct part of my memory, but I have this blur of a time when I swear my friend and I ran a fun run on campus.  I’m pretty sure we got t-shirts.  Years later, that same friend took up spinning and biking, and I tagged along with her on both.  By then, we were both more into the fitness aspect of sports.

I remember a few walks together in her neighborhood, through the park, and even on a volcano in Hawaii.

And now, there’s a finite number of memories.  I never thought would happen.  I lost my friend in 2005.  I miss her.  Not a day goes by that I don’t think of her – especially when one of her songs comes up on my running playlist.

2 thoughts on “We live for the memories. – misquoted

  1. My heart is aching for you. I’m thankful enough not to have ever lost a friend like that, but I’ve lost enough family members and even my favorite teacher so I know how something small can trigger strong emotions. Thinking of you.


  2. “We live for the memories” is not a bad interpretation of “weep not for the memories”, to my ear – it is so beautiful to have the memories, right? They help us live. I know you must think about her so much when you are running. This was a beautiful sharing.

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