“I get by with a little help from my friends.” – The Beatles

To my left, all I can hear through the blasting of the music on my headphones is “Run. Run. Run. Run. Run. Run. Run. Run.” at warp speed.


My girlfriend just finished her strength class upstairs and was on her way out.  She spotted me on my favorite of my three favorite treadmills.  She’s standing next to me and acting like my own personal cheerleader.


I pull out my buds and turn to her.


Before coming to the gym, it took every once of energy to get here.   I went to bed too late.  We had lost power earlier in the morning.  The house was freezing.  Rain was pouring down.  The temperature had dropped at least ten degrees since yesterday.  A perfect day to crawl back into bed.


But no!  I wanted to hit 19, maybe even 20 miles this week.  I was so close.  I needed 3 for 19, 4 for 20.


But once we started talking.  How was your workout?  What are you doing today?  Sure the girls can get together?  Cinderella tomorrow?  Boom… 1/2 a mile… gone.  At 1.5.


A text came in on my phone. (Don’t text and run).  My neightbor.  You lost power too.  You’re at work.  😦  I’ll stop by after the gym.  Get together soon.  I’m free next few weekends.  Boom… 1/2 a mile… gone.  At 2.0.


I think of my friend running a marathon today.  I’m pretty sure he didn’t expect 3/14 to be as cold as it is.  I think of him going mile by mile.  1… 2… 3… Ugh.  I can barely imaging it.  Yuck.  4… 5… 6…  Boom … I’m at 3.0


I think of mile 20 for the week an how my friends would cheer me on for my goal.  My girlfriend.  My neighbor.  My marathoning friend.  And boom… I’m done.


I get by with a little help from my friends, even when they don’t know how much they are helping me.

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