“Get this party started on a Saturday night.” – Pink

I have these friends that run no matter what.  I mean really, no matter what!  They can always fill in it in no matter how busy… excuse me full… their day happens to be.  My friend may have run all or some combination of the following busy days of his life: the night before his wedding, the day of his wedding, and the day after his wedding.  Wow!  Now I’m always telling you can fit in time here or there.  But … secret time… I don’t often do as I say.  Today might be that day.  Shhhhh.

One full day coming right up.

Dentist appointment.  Seriously… I need to leave pretty much after this post.

Grocery store.

Balloons.  Mylar and latex.

Cupcakes. 48 mini.

Snacks.  Chips, crackers, cheese… for adults for children.

Drinks.  Soda. More bottled water.

Party Number One: 1 PM – 2:30 PM Easter Egg Hunt – average party goer age: 4

Party Number Two: 4 PM – ? Luau Sleepover – average party goer age: 7

A full day.  Yes.  Yes it is!  How lucky am I?  Is it OK that I didn’t fit in running?  It makes me only that more motivated for the next run!


4 thoughts on ““Get this party started on a Saturday night.” – Pink

    • That parties were a huge success. 20 kids finding eggs with few tears. 9 seven year olds with minimal spillage during spill art and the five that slept over asleep by quarter after 9. Even the dentist wasn’t bad!


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