“Pump up the jam. Pump it up. While your feet are stompin’.” – Technotronic

This morning, I read an article entitled:

Should You Listen to Music While Running?*

This is a true debate I have gotten into with my husband, brother-in-laws and various friends.

I enjoy listening to music. Fast paced tunes ( 150+ beats per minute – the more the merrier), distraction (specially from looooooong distances), and the spark of memories.  Good reasons, right?  I remember recently a 42 minute mix helped me conquer a miserable 5 miles on the treadmill.  In fact, a treadmill run without music or a tv show is pure torture.  Torture I tell you!

As a youth, I never ran with music.  Those were the days of walkmans.  Big and bulky.  What were earbuds?  In college… it was pretty music the same thing.  I didn’t have such luxury items.  And I had still had some mix tapes in my possession but CDs were my purchase of choice.

So now?  I’ve been told real runners don’t use music.  They run with maybe a GPS watch and a dream.  That’s it.  I’ve tried this.  I think the longest run I did this with was an 8 miler.  And it was fine.  Of course this was outside on the trails on a beautiful day.  Leaving the iphone at home also took away from the stress of my buds falling out and the irritation of dings from texts.

So should I listen to music?  Pump up the jam on the treadmill I say.

Should I enjoy the sounds of silence? On those happy trails.

* full article available at http://www.runnersworld.com/workout-music/should-you-listen-to-music-while-running


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